Online Slots In Connecticut

The times, they are a-changing in Connecticut when it comes to gambling.

While the two massive tribal casinos in the state offer thousands of slot machines residents of and visitors to the state can play in person, legal online options for slot play remain limited. For now, anyway.

A drastic shift in that status quo is on the way. New compacts between the state government and the two tribal casino operators, along with enabling legislation, are set to bring regulated online slots to Connecticut.

Here’s what you need to know.

How do online slots work?

Online slots are simply a virtual version of the slot machines you’ll find at any physical licensed gaming establishment. There are a number of reels that bear different numbers and symbols. A computer algorithm determines which markings show on which reels before you make your play. Depending on how those symbols line up, you either lose or win on your bet.

It’s no secret exactly what lines you need to hit to win prizes and how likely you are to land those pay lines. The odds are fixed and available right on the screen as you play.

Many games also have bonus and wild symbols that can unlock special jackpots. It’s up to you how much to wager on each play. But typically, the more you bet, the better your odds of winning.

To play, denote how much you want to wager. Then, select your “pay lines.” Many titles will allow you to pick which lines on the reels you want to activate before you start spinning. Finally, hit the button to spin the reels. Some games will allow you to preset an amount that you want to spend on the game. The game will then auto-spin for you until you’ve wagered that amount.

Are online slots fair?

Slots, like any other type of gambling, are designed to make the company offering them money. They get that money from players. Thus, you should go into playing online slots fully aware that you could lose at least part of your bet every time you spin the reels because the odds are that you will.

At the same time, gambling companies know that if they rob players blind, players will stop playing.

For that reason, they are very transparent about not only the odds of hitting each pay line in each game but also the overall return to player rate of each title. It’s typically shown as a percentage, representing the ratio of handle paid out.

When you see a 96% RTP for a slots title, for example, that means 96% of the money wagered is paid out to players in the game. It does not mean you should expect to at least get your bet back 96% of the time.

Part of the reason why regulated online slots are transparent about this is states’ laws on the matter. The responsible gambling regulations ensure that these games meet minimum standards for fairness. That’s just another reason why players should only patronize legal online casinos, as unregulated slots lack that oversight.

What kind of online slots are available?

There are no legal online casino apps or websites available for play in Connecticut just yet, though they are certainly coming. Once new online casinos in CT are launched, expect to find a selection of attractive casino bonuses on offer. This should include matched bonuses and no deposit bonuses, including free spins for online slots.

Online slots are a big business in other US jurisdictions. Gamblers in Connecticut can try them out now for free on casinos’ websites via “demo modes.” As that mode offers free play, you won’t win any prizes. But you can get a taste for the titles.

When online casinos do launch in CT, gamblers should expect to see thousands of titles from multiple prominent game studios, including:

  • IGT
  • NetEnt
  • Scientific Games

Among possible titles that are popular in other jurisdictions and may be available in CT in the future are:

  • Cleopatra Gold
  • Epic Fortunes
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania
  • Starburst

Online slot bonus features and jackpots

While online slots can feature up to thousands of different pay lines, many titles also offer bonus features and special jackpots to keep players engaged. These can lead to some of the biggest prizes the games offer.

Players activate these offerings by landing special symbols on the reels. These usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Bonus: Line up enough of these and special mini-games or free spins activate
  • Scatter: These symbols pay out no matter where they land on the reels
  • Wild: Such symbols help players secure appropriate pay lines depending on the symbols around them

What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are prizes that build value with each play in a certain game.

The slot system takes a part of each wager and adds it to the value of the prize. Some titles offer just one progressive jackpot while others will boast different levels of jackpots.

These are normally quite difficult to secure, often only accessible through bonus games and filling the entire screen with the same symbol. However, these prizes can be worth six or seven figures at times.

Popular slot titles across the country that offer progressive jackpots include:

  • Book of Myths
  • Divine Fortune
  • Loot’En Khamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Megajackpots Golden Goddess
  • Mercy of the Gods

What are social sweepstakes casinos?

Online social or sweepstakes casinos are a great way for people to enjoy similar online casino experiences in jurisdictions where standard online casinos are unavailable.

Most of the sites currently operating accept players in Connecticut. Until real-money online casinos go live in the state, this is the closest legal alternative for Connecticuters. They have similar aesthetics and, in many ways, the gameplay is nearly identical.

So how do they operate legally in CT and what makes them different from real-money casinos? They’re legal because there’s no consideration element. That means you don’t have to pay to play.

Some sweepstakes casinos do offer cash prizes for your participation, but it’s not required. Another important difference is that return to player rates are often much higher on real-money casino apps and sites than sweepstakes casinos.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun social casinos

Both of the tribal casinos in Connecticut offer online social casinos. These act as a way to gain new customers and market existing products to them.

At the same time, it’s a way for visitors to the site to enjoy some of the fun of online casino play from anywhere without risking any actual money.


On your desktop or mobile device through the FoxwoodsONLINE app, you can earn free coins while playing over 150 different games.

Titles include slots but other available games include bingo, keno and table game variants. Registration is required but the games are free to play.

Players can earn Foxwoods Rewards points for playing the games, signing in on a daily basis and taking part in special “missions.”

Mohegan Sun

Also available on both desktop and mobile app platforms, Mohegan Sun Beyond allows you to play a wide menu of online slots and table games for free.

After you register for an account, you can choose to sign up for Mohegan Sun’s rewards program, Momentum, and earn points that you can convert into Momentum Dollars.

Additionally, you can compete with friends to climb up the leaderboards. Daily prizes are available in regular tournaments for slots and table games.