Online Blackjack in Connecticut

There’s a good reason blackjack is popular the world over. It lands in the sweet spot between luck and skill, and the house edge can be as low as 0.5% if you play with optimal strategy — easily one of the lowest you’ll find in any casino.

Blackjack is more than just one game, too. In fact, there are tons of ways to play blackjack at online casinos in Connecticut. That includes classic virtual games, interesting side bets and blackjack bonuses, and the potential for live tables with real dealers.

Below we’ll cover how to play blackjack online in Connecticut, including the best online casinos for blackjack, how to deposit and cash out, blackjack bonuses and more.

By the beginning of 2022, there were two online casinos live in Connecticut.

Play casino games in CT

DraftKings Casino CT

DraftKings’ online casino platform has an extensive variety of games, particularly in states where it has been established longer, and that variety extends to its blackjack options. It’s a good starting point to explore blackjack online, with every single game available to play for real money or for free in demo mode. You don’t even need to create an account to play free blackjack.

DraftKings Casino also has created special themed tables for each of the major sports — football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer — which are a lot of fun. And there are some alternative versions of blackjack, like Spanish 21 and Match the Dealer.

Mohegan Sun Casino CT

The other online casino in Connecticut is the result of a partnership between FanDuel and the Mohegan Tribe, which owns the Mohegan Sun resort and casino in the state. The two also partnered on an online sportsbook that operates under the FanDuel name, but to play online casino games, you’ll want to go to the Mohegan Sun Casino website.

At time of writing, the Mohegan Sun site had six blackjack options, including classic, Poker and Pairs and multi-hand. The platform also doesn’t yet have any live dealer games.

However, it still has some solid features. Mohegan Sun’s online platform has some excellent promotions and incentives to play there, including perks at the brick-and-mortar casino. If you’re a Connecticut resident and visit the Mohegan Sun resort from time to time, you might also like checking out its online blackjack options.

Why only two online casinos in Connecticut

Under a deal between Connecticut and the two casino-owning tribes in the state — the Mohegan Tribe and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation — online gambling in the state largely falls to those tribes, which partnered with FanDuel and DraftKings, respectively, to launch online casinos and sportsbooks.

So those are the only two online casinos in Connecticut. There is a third online sportsbook — PlaySugarHouse — that launched in partnership with the Connecticut State Lottery. As part of the deal, however, it is limited to just an online sportsbook, no online casino games.

How to play free online blackjack in Connecticut

Playing real money casino games that you don’t understand is a recipe for losing cash, especially in a strategy game like blackjack. Playing for free in demo mode lets you get a feel for the game without worrying about wasting your money.

You can test different strategies and betting patterns, bet as much or as little as you like, and be more prepared if you decide to play for real. Playing for free is also just fun on its own terms, and plenty of people like to do it just for the love of the game.

The exception here, should they become available in the state, is live dealer games, which you can never play for free. You can observe them without taking part, however, which is also a good option to get a feel for the rhythm of live tables.

How to play real money online blackjack

The majority of people, however, are here to play for real. The first step to playing real money blackjack online in Connecticut is to create an account at one of the online casinos in the state.

Whichever site you choose, signing up requires more or less the same information. You’ll have to provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

Connecticut online casinos must verify the identity of anyone who uses their services, and you may need to provide some extra documentation to facilitate this. As long as you’re 21 or older and can provide valid identification, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The sign-up process is also often your chance to claim any available welcome bonuses. Once you’re registered, the next step is to deposit some money to bet with.

Real money blackjack: Depositing and cashing out

Connecticut sportsbooks support a range of banking options. The last thing potential bettors want is to have to jump through hoops to start playing, and the last thing casinos and sportsbooks want is to discourage them.

Both deposits and withdrawals are normally free, depending on the payment provider. Deposits tend to be instant, whereas you may have to wait a few days for your withdrawal to reach your account, depending on the method you choose.

Online casinos generally accept debit and credit cards (for deposits), as well as online bank transfers. These options come with the benefits of being fast and easy to implement, and will probably already be familiar to most people.

Some players prefer not to make direct transactions between their personal bank account and their casino account, and there are methods that help you get around this. PayPal is widely available, for example, and acts as an intermediary. You’ll be able to both deposit and withdraw using PayPal.

There are even ways to make cash transactions. For the Mohegan Sun online casino, you can conduct transactions at the physical casino. And for DraftKings, you can use Foxwoods Resort Casino. Additionally, PayNearMe is a service that lets you make cash deposits using a code you can receive at 7-Eleven stores. It’s a good service, but you can’t use it to withdraw your winnings.

Lots of casinos have their own branded Play+ cards, which you can use to deposit and withdraw. This is a type of prepaid card that you can top up separately, use just like a regular bank card, and even use at ATMs. Other potential banking methods include checks in the mail, gift cards and wire transfers.

How does online blackjack work?

In reality, online blackjack is much more than just a single game. In fact, it’s more like a category, with lots of variations available at most online casinos.

While the core idea remains the same — you compete against the dealer to make the highest hand without going over 21 — there are lots of little tweaks in rules, payouts and betting format at the different blackjack tables out there.

Online casino blackjack comes in two main formats: classic virtual blackjack and live tables where you can play with real dealers. With virtual blackjack games, a random number generator determines the cards you receive. The top software providers receive independent audits. These ensure that the RNG is functioning correctly and the games are fair.

Here are some of the most common virtual blackjack variations:

  • US rules — The dominant form of the game in the US, this type of blackjack includes the “peek” rule. Under this rule, the dealer (or software) privately checks for blackjack when the up-card is an ace, face card or 10, and sweeps the bets if there is one.
  • European rules — There is no “peek” rule. The dealer receives one card initially and then waits until players complete their actions to deal more cards to the house.
  • Multihand — In this case, you can play multiple hands at the same time against the dealer.

Rule variations and side bets

Within these games, you can also find variations within the rules. These include the number of decks in play, whether the dealer stands or hits on a soft 17, and specific rules on doubling down, splitting or surrendering.

There are games that allow side bets, too. Side bets are fun and appealing since they give you a different way to win and often have higher payouts. However, be aware that blackjack side bets are normally much worse value from a house edge perspective. If you’re pursuing an optimal strategy, it’s best to avoid them. Here are some common side bet options:

  • Insurance
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Lucky Ladies
  • 21+3

Live dealer blackjack

With live dealer blackjack, a real dealer deals out real cards just like in a brick-and-mortar casino, while you place your bets using virtual software and watch on a live video feed. You can chat to both the dealers and other players using a chat box.

Unlike virtual blackjack, which plays out at your own pace, live dealer blackjack has a dealer running it. This means you have limited time to make your decisions.

Live dealer blackjack variations have also sprung up. There is Infinite Blackjack, which means you don’t need to wait for a free seat to join a table. Instead, everyone is dealt the same hand, but you can play it however you want.

Lightning Blackjack introduces multipliers into the classic format, so you can randomly hit even bigger wins than you expected.

Real money blackjack apps in CT

These days, more people play games on their phones than their laptops, and it’s become a prerequisite for every online casino to have both a desktop and a mobile platform.

The online casinos in Connecticut each have apps for iOS and Android devices. The apps are basically scaled-down versions of the casino websites, designed to fit on the smaller screen. More or less anything you can do using your computer you can also do using an app, including creating an account, making deposits and withdrawals, claiming a bonus and, of course, playing the games.

Blackjack makes a lot of sense on mobile. It’s a quick and fairly simple game, with no obligation to play for any set period of time. It’s perfect to dip into for a quick session, and apps are the most convenient way to get instant access.

If you prefer not to download an app, you can also play on your phone by simply searching for the site on your browser. The software will detect that you’re playing on your phone and adapt to the screen. It’s not quite as convenient as having the app just a tap away, but it is an option if you’re trying to save space on your phone.

Blackjack bonuses at CT online casinos

Casino bonuses are a big deal in Connecticut and everywhere else that online gambling is legal. Online casinos use promos and bonuses to attract new players and stand out from the competition. They come in many different varieties, with casinos competing to come up with new offers and trying to outdo one another.

First up, absolutely every casino has a welcome bonus. This is a one-time-only offer you can claim when you sign up. Welcome bonuses normally come in two main forms:

  • A no deposit bonus is any type of bonus you get just for creating your account, with no need to add any of your own money. Normally, this is a small amount of bonus cash — usually around $10 or $20 — which you can use to play real money games like blackjack. If you wind up winning, the money is yours to keep — providing you complete the wagering requirements, that is. More on those coming up.
  • A deposit bonus or match bonus is when the casino matches some or all of your first deposit with bonus money, up to a certain limit. Bonuses that match 100% are common, and can max out anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more. It means you can start off with a larger bankroll, which can mean more time at the blackjack table.

There are plenty of other recurring promotions, too, even if they aren’t directly designed for blackjack. Reload bonuses are similar to deposit bonuses, but can apply to deposits after your first. There also are cash back bonuses, where you can potentially reclaim some of your losses. Meanwhile, free spins bonuses allow you to play online slots for free before parting with your own cash.

Any bonus cash you receive as part of a promotion is subject to something called a wagering requirement or playthrough requirement before you can cash it out. This refers to an amount equal to a multiple of the bonus (or the deposit plus the bonus) that you need to wager. It’s basically a way to prevent people from signing up, claiming a bonus and immediately withdrawing it — which would not be a good business model from the casino’s POV.

Wagering requirements have a huge impact on the true value of a bonus, even if you have to check the fine print to find out what they are.

For example, if you got a $10 no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 5x, you would need to wager a total of $50 before you can withdraw the bonus and any winnings from it. If you got a $20 no deposit bonus with a 20x requirement, you’d need to bet $400.

Certain games also contribute at different weights to clearing the requirements. Slot wagers normally count 100%, but blackjack often contributes at a lower rate, sometimes 10% to 25%. This is something you need to check and factor in.

Casinos also have recurring promotions, available for anyone who has an account, and they can include blackjack promos. You might get boosted payouts if you play blackjack on a certain day or time, for example. You can normally check out all the bonuses available on the casino’s promotions page.

Online blackjack strategies and tips

Unlike games like roulette and slots, which have fixed house edges no matter how you bet, blackjack involves an element of strategy. Simply put, the better decisions you make on the blackjack table, the lower the house’s edge.

Still, it’s important to get one thing very clear: The house edge always favors the casinos. Short of counting cards (which is impossible with virtual blackjack and can get you kicked out of brick-and-mortar casinos), there is no way to flip the blackjack odds in your favor. The casino always wins in the long run.

But an optimal blackjack strategy can significantly reduce that house edge. If you play flawlessly, the edge can be around 0.5%, depending on the specific rules your game is using. This makes it easily one of the best games to try. If you play badly, the edge can shoot up to 3% or more.

The best way to achieve an optimal strategy is using a strategy card. This is a simple chart that tells you what you should do depending on your cards and the dealer’s cards. Strategy cards are easy to read and widely available. They tell you whether to hit, stand, double down, split or even surrender if the option is available.

Another tip if you’re aiming for an optimal playing style is to avoid side bets. Even though these bets may offer a chance at larger payouts, the house edge tends to be much larger with these types of bets compared to the regular game.

But at the end of the day, blackjack is first and foremost an entertainment activity. The best blackjack strategy involves only playing for fun, never betting more than you can afford, and understanding that even with an optimal strategy, the house always wins in the long run.

Live blackjack in Connecticut

Connecticut has a casino tradition stretching back more than 30 years, and blackjack is a huge part of that. There are two main casino complexes in Connecticut, each owned by one of two federally recognized Native American tribes.

Tentative plans call for a third casino, under the joint operation of both tribes. However, a new casino in Connecticut looks to be a couple of years down the line at least.

Mohegan Sun Casino

The Mohegan Sun Casino is a sprawling 364,000 square foot resort in Uncasville. The casino advertises almost 400 table games, of which more than 100 are blackjack tables. Other options include real money roulette wheels, baccarat, craps and poker.

The resort is considerably more than just a casino and has undergone a variety of transformations since its launch in 1996. It is the home of the eponymous Connecticut Sun of the WNBA, the only major professional sports team in the state. The complex includes some of the state’s top restaurants, a hotel and spa, a golf course and other entertainment facilities.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods is located not far from Mohegan Sun in the south of Connecticut on the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation reservation.

The Mashantucket Pequot were the first to bring legal gambling to the state when the tribe’s bingo halls opened in 1986. Casino construction took place in 1992, though the facility has changed a lot over the years. In 2005, the huge Fox Tower opened, significantly increasing the number of table games in the casino.

Foxwoods offers a variety of table games, including blackjack and variants like Spanish 21 and low-limit $1 tables.

Online blackjack in Connecticut

Casino blackjack has always been popular in Connecticut, but the launch of online gambling in 2021 offers a new way to play. Now, anyone who is 21 or older can play blackjack online from anywhere in Connecticut, 24/7.

You can play on your laptop or phone, choose between various games, and even play for free in demo mode. Blackjack is strategic, but not too complicated. It’s fun and social, and, played right, it has one of the lowest house edges of any casino game.


Is online blackjack legal in Connecticut?

Yes. Legal online gambling officially launched in Connecticut in October 2021. Online sports betting and casino games are both legal for anyone who is 21 or older in the state. Mobile gambling via an app is also legal.

How do I know online blackjack is fair?

Casino software providers use random number generation to determine the results of online blackjack games. Their software undergoes independent testing to guarantee that it’s functioning correctly. With live blackjack, the dealer uses several decks of cards to run the game, just like in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Are there casino bonuses for blackjack?

Yes. All casinos in Connecticut have special promotions for new players, including offers that you can use to play online blackjack. You can read about some of the options above.

How do I win at online blackjack?

There is no way to guarantee that you’ll win playing blackjack online, just like in a real casino. However, with the correct strategy, you can get the house edge down to one of the lowest of any online casino game.