DraftKings Sportsbook Connecticut – Review & App Details

When Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont included revenue from sports betting in the state budget, it appeared to signal that sportsbooks would be coming to the Constitution State in the near future. Thanks to a partnership between the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and DraftKings, it is all but guaranteed that DraftKings will be one of the online sportsbooks in Connecticut.

The Mashantucket Pequot tribe operates Foxwoods Resort Casino, one of the largest casinos in all of North America. Moreover, DraftKings already offers daily fantasy sports in Connecticut.

DraftKings is among the top sportsbooks in the US and with good reason: Its sports betting app is one of the best in the business, and after its extremely large DFS marketing campaign against FanDuel back in the 2010s, DraftKings is one of the most well-known names in sports betting.

But when can Connecticut expect sports betting to be legalized, and if DraftKings does land a sports betting license, what can users expect from DraftKings Sportsbook? Let’s tackle those questions and a few others, too.

What can Connecticut expect from DraftKings Sportsbook app?

The DraftKings app will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is user-friendly, making it a great choice for new mobile sports bettors. Thanks to all the bets and sports available to wager on, it is no surprise that DraftKings is also popular with experienced gamblers.

The first time you open the app, you will need to click “Log in” and then “Sign up” to register for an account with DraftKings. You can sign up entirely on your phone or tablet, completing the entire process in as little as a couple of minutes.

After getting signed in, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how to navigate around the app. There are headers along the top of the page to take you to DraftKings pools, the stats hub, and for opening DraftKings’ DFS app. But the tabs you likely will use much more frequently are the “Quick links” located in the middle of the page.

Quick links are for the most popular sports and events to wager on at that moment with DraftKings. Additionally, the quick links provide easy access to free pools and daily odds boosts.

A great thing about DraftKings is that, in addition to the app, there is a desktop site where users can place bets and manage their accounts. The website is almost indistinguishable from the app, with the main difference being that with the increased screen size there is more info on each page. This is important because it means that when you switch between the desktop site and app, you will not struggle with different layouts and cumbersome navigation.

DraftKings’ biggest pros and cons

Easily one of the best features about the DraftKings Sportsbook is the number of promotions it offers. We have no doubt that when it goes live in Connecticut, users will receive plenty of boosts to help increase the size of their bankrolls.

DraftKings also has a customer loyalty program that rewards bettors for how much money they wager and allows them to earn DK Dollars, which they can wager just like real money.

There are, however, minor glitches on both the app and website that could stand to be fixed. For some promotions, users have to opt-in, and at times, particularly on the website, it takes multiple clicks and refreshes to actually opt into the promo. DraftKings also has yet to offer single-game parlays, something that some other oddsmakers across the US started doing in 2020.

Overall though, the positives of DraftKings Sportsbook far outweigh the negatives.

What bets are available at DraftKings Sportsbook?

With sports betting still not legal in Connecticut, it’s understandable that a lot of people might be unfamiliar with the different types of sports bets there are and how they work. Luckily, DraftKings has a page titled “How to Bet 101” that goes over all the sports wagers you can make. But, since you’re already here, this is a quick synopsis:

  • The three most common sports bets are moneylines, points spreads, and over/unders.
    Moneylines are on one side to win a game outright. For point spreads, you need to take into account the margin of wins and losses. Over/unders, also known as totals, are bets on the combined score in a game by both teams.
  • You can combine multiple wagers and create parlay Parlays have the potential to be extremely profitable but are difficult to get correct because if a single one of your bets is wrong, your parlay wager is a complete loss.

One of the best aspects of DraftKings is that users can see exactly what they’re betting on, how much money they are putting at risk, and what they have the potential to win. This transparency allows even novice sports bettors to feel at ease when placing bets.

What sports and teams can you bet on at DraftKings?

DraftKings has betting markets for all the top professional sports leagues in the US and throughout the world, as well.

Users can place bets on the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, PGA Tour, MLS, and tennis. Some of the most in-demand international betting markets are for European soccer leagues like the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

The only truly local team you would be able to bet on in the state is the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA, but there are a handful of teams from surrounding states like New York and Massachusetts that you can place bets on, as well.

DraftKings 2021 promotions

Before you start betting with DraftKings, you should learn about all the promotions the sportsbook could have. Typically, DraftKings starts things off with a 20% deposit match for up to $1,000 and a $50 matched first bet. While the deposit match offer is not among the best in the industry, it is the promotions available afterward that really stand out.

DraftKings almost always has special promotions going for new users, and when it make its Connecticut debut, similar bonuses will likely be on the table.

For instance, prior to Super Bowl LV, DraftKings offered new users 100-to-1 odds on who would win, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs. The one caveat was that you could bet only $1, but that still meant betting $1 to win $100. When DraftKings does launch in the Constitution State, it should offer a similar promo to new players.

DraftKings also has daily odds boosts, which are specific bets that it increases the odds for, allowing bettors to win more money. Additionally, you’ll see special “No-brainer” bets from time to time.

No-brainer bets basically are all-but-guaranteed wins. For example, in early 2021, DraftKings had a no-brainer promotion where if one point was scored during a Denver NuggetsLos Angeles Lakers game, users would double their money. Bets were limited to $25 per bettor in this instance, but users doubled their money on this promotion.

The DraftKings promotions are easily some of the best, if not the absolute best, in the sports betting industry, and they are ones that people in Connecticut will want to try out.

DraftKings history

DraftKings started out in 2012 as a daily fantasy sports company, which ran its first contest on Opening Day of the 2012 Major League Baseball season. Somewhat amazingly, by April 2013, MLB became an investor in DraftKings.

Business really started to take off in the mid-2010s as DraftKings and FanDuel entered into a DFS war that saw commercials for both sites appearing frequently during sports games. One of the biggest deals along the way occurred in July 2014 when DraftKings acquired DraftStreet, which was the third largest DFS site at the time.

As DraftKings and FanDuel continued to battle it out for daily fantasy sports supremacy, there actually was a point when the two companies were in serious talks about merging. The Federal Trade Commission put a halt to that, though, as it said a merger would result in a DFS monopoly and the FTC would not allow it.

When the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, that cleared the way for states to allow legalized sports betting. DraftKings was among the first online sportsbook operators to go live, and thanks to the groundwork that was in place from its DFS product, it became a market leader very rapidly.

While we might think of DraftKings as an online sportsbook, it has retail sportsbooks in many of those states. Depending on what the law ends up being in Connecticut, DraftKings easily could open a retail sportsbook here too. Also, if online casino proposals end up in the final bill, DrafKings Casino could find its way to Connecticut as well.