Caesars Sportsbook Connecticut

Caesars Sport is in a state of flux as it tries to consolidate Caesars and William Hill as a unified brand. With that in mind, it is unclear exactly what could come from Caesars Entertainment in the form of a Connecticut sports betting app. In fact, it is unclear if there will even a Caesars Sportsbook app in Connecticut at all.

If Caesars does come to the state, the launch of Connecticut sports betting should be late enough in 2021 for the brand to be a version of Caesars on William Hill software. Of course, in order to get into the state, Caesars will have to submit the winning bid to work with the Connecticut Lottery on a mobile betting apps.

Here’s more of what it will take to get Caesars into Connecticut and, if it gets there, what sports bettors in CT can expect from the company’s online betting app.

Is Caesars Sportsbook coming to Connecticut?

The problem for Caesars Sportsbook when it comes to Connecticut is that there are finite options to get into the state. The version of the tribal compact and corresponding sports betting bills only allows for  three online operators in the state. Two of those licenses go to the tribes and one goes to the Connecticut Lottery.

Mohegan Sun Casino strategically partnered with Kambi, a provider of sportsbook software and odds, in March 2019. Then. Foxwoods announced its plans to work with DraftKings Sportsbook in Connecticut in December 2020.

With both casinos no longer in need of a partner, that leaves the lottery as the only option. The CT Lottery is currently processing 15 different proposals for partners. They should have a finalized choice by May 17.

What will the Caesars Connecticut sports betting app provide?

The Caesars Sportsbook app is among the best sports betting apps on the market today. It is available on Apple and Android devices and allows for easy sports betting, even if you have never placed a wager in your life.

In addition to the app, Caesars Sportsbook has a dedicated website that is a near twin of its app. Navigating to the sport you’re looking for and placing a bet is a simple process on either platform.

When you click on a wager, that adds it to your bet slip. Then you simply open the slip, enter a wager amount and place the bet. Every time you submit a bet, you are able to see what you’re betting on, how much you’re putting at risk, what the odds are, and what you could end up winning.

Caesars Sportsbook pros and cons

In addition to the great app and betting slip, some of the other top features at Caesars online sportsbook are the array of betting options and the customer service department.

It is not at all uncommon to find games at Caesars Sports with more than 100 and even upward of 200 betting options available. This means that users are able to bet on pretty much whatever they want.

Caesars also has a wonderful help desk that has multiple options for getting in touch. We have a feeling this could end up being more important than you might think, with the potential for new and inexperienced sports bettors in Connecticut.

However, there also are some areas that are not the best at Caesars Sportsbook.

While we love the different promotions, a lot of them have high entry requirements. These higher stakes, think between $50 and $100, could prevent bettors who are just starting out from even taking part.

It also is disappointing that Caesars does not have a rewards program at the present time. While casinos have made it common practice for years to have rewards programs, online sportsbooks are fairly hit or miss when it comes to rewarding consistent users. And at Caesars, it currently is a miss.

Available sports bets at Caesars Sportsbook

What’s not a problem is all the types of bets you can place at Caesars. You can wager on moneylines, over/unders, and point spreads and create parlays, teasers, and round robins.

Don’t be scared if all of those terms are unfamiliar; we’re going to go over a few of them right now:

  • Moneylines represent the odds of a team or individual winning a competition outright. All you need to do is pick which side is going to win.
  • Over/unders are also known as totals, and they are wagers on the combined score by both teams in a game. If games go to overtime, those points count toward the total.
  • Point spread betting is when you wager on what the margin of victory will be for a game. For favored teams to “cover the spread,” they need to win by a set number of points. On the other hand, underdogs can win the game or just lose by a fixed amount or less, and they will cover the spread.
  • And parlays are when you group two or more bets together. As bets are grouped, you’ll see the odds and possible winnings climb, but to win the parlay, you need to get all of your picks correct. One wrong selection torpedoes the entire parlay.

Teams and sports available to bet on at Caesars sports betting

Now that you know the types of bets you can make if Caesars comes to Connecticut, what about the sports you can bet on? The list is lengthy.

Caesars Sportsbook has betting markets for NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB games, UFC, NASCAR, PGA Tour, tennis, MLS, and potentially the WNBA, too. If WNBA markets are available, that means you would be able to bet on the Connecticut Sun.

As a top oddsmakers in Europe, William Hill also offered a plethora of markets for international sports. Presumably that will continue after the rebrand.

Caesars 2024 promotions

We still can’t be positive if sports betting is coming to Connecticut or if Caesars will be part of it. In terms of promotions, the best we can come up with is to look at what Caesars Sportsbook is currently offering in other states.

The welcome bonus at Caesars Sportsbook is among the largest in the online sportsbook industry. The sportsbook began offers up to $1,000. If your first bet lost, you’d receive a bonus bet in the amount of the losing bet, up to that $1,000 cap.

Caesars Sportsbook also offers a number of distinct promotions for new and existing users. Some of the promos require you to place bets of $25, $50, or even $100 on games. If those bets win, you would receive additional bonus bets based on how well your team performed in the game.

Caesars Sportsbook even had an NBA promotion that rewarded users with a percentage boost if their point spread bet on either the Golden State Warriors or Portland Trail Blazers won. The percentage boost was determined by the longest 3-point shot made in the game by Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard.

Overall, the promotions at Caesars Sportsbook often are tied to you getting your initial bet correct and then being rewarded based on how the team or an individual player on the team you wagered on performed in the game.

Caesars/William Hill history

William Hill was founded in 1934, and the company’s first sportsbook opened on Park Lane in London.

Jump ahead 66 years, and William Hill became the first oddsmaker in the UK to offer betting on the internet, tax-free. Then, in 2012, it opened its first sportsbook in the US in Nevada, which was the only state with legalized sports betting at the time.

Caesars Entertainment finalized its acquisition of William Hill in 2021, then promptly confirmed the company was selling all of the non-American assets. Additionally, in a May earnings call, Caesars CEO Tom Reeg said the company was moving away from the William Hill brand in the US, even though William Hill was operational in nine states.