DraftKings Has A New Way For Fans To Engage With The UFC

Written By Veronica Sparks on July 7, 2022 - Last Updated on July 10, 2022
Fantasy sports gamers can collect and win prizes with DraftKings new game based NFT collection

Earlier in June, DraftKings announced that the digital sports and gaming company would further extend its collaboration with the UFC.

Plans are in the works to launch a new version of DraftKings’ gamified NFT franchise, “Reignmakers,” with the newest iteration focusing on UFC.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with DraftKings,” said UFC’s Senior VP of Global Consumer Products, Tracey Bleczinski “to incorporate UFC into their highly anticipated Reignmakers gamified NFT collection.”

iGaming and the digital playground including NFTs are the newest trends pushing the world of sports betting forward. CT sports bettors looking for an exciting new way to engage in UFC will be interested in this new DK offer.

About DraftKings Reignmakers

DraftKings’ gamified franchise of digital collectibles, Reignmakers, is the gaming company’s way of creating new methods of play for sports fans.

The first of its kind, Reignmakers Football is an NFT Fantasy Football game that DraftKings launched with NFLPA back in May. DraftKings’ latest addition to sports betting, iGaming, and fantasy sports, Reignmakers Football users get real prizes using real players.

What will Reignmakers UFC NFT-based game be like?

Reignmakers UFC will be similar to DraftKings’ football version. Fans will be able to collect NFTs of UFC fighters and use them in fantasy games to win prizes.

Beth Beiriger, DraftKings Marketplace Senior VP of Product Operations, sees the passion of UFC fans as a good indicator of the future success of Reignmakers UFC. Beiriger said:

“Fight fans are already among the most engaged audiences. And we see these immersive technologies as bolstering the unique sports entertainment ecosystem we provide for consumers while also rewarding their undeniable passion.”

The agreement between UFC and DraftKings allows DraftKings access to choose from more than 500 UFC fighters on the active roster. From this pool of athletes, DraftKings Marketplace will be able to create the Reignmaker UFC collection of NFTs. Bleczinski said:

“Reignmakers UFC will be a unique, innovative opportunity to create fan engagement. [It] combines DraftKings’ expertise in digital sports entertainment with pioneering technology that features hundreds of UFC athletes, including some of the biggest names in the sport.”

Before the launch of Reignmakers UFC, fight fans will be able to start collecting NFTs through auctions and drops during DraftKings’ “Heatwave Series.” The series will be based on UFC’s summer events schedule.

Once launched, the game will have a slew of unique features, including:

  • Missions
  • Achievements
  • Level-ups
  • Leaderboards

Fans who collect NFTs will get both digital and physical rewards before and after the game’s launch. Rewards are based on the NFT’s utility and include cash contests, merchandise, and more.

Fighter collections will eventually become in-game items that are playable.

According to Bleczinski, UFC fighters are contracted to earn up to 50% of licensing revenue generated by their NFTs. Their share will be determined by how popular their NFT is among fans.

When will the first season of Reignmakers UFC go live?

Expected to launch later this year, Reignmakers UFC is still in development. The first season of the game will kick off with NFT auctions and drops on Jun. 27, which is ahead of UFC 276: ADESANYA vs. CANNONIER.

NFTs that will drop on DraftKings’ Marketplace will vary in rarity tiers. Drops will include NFTs that are entry-level for widespread affordability.

Fans can also buy and sell UFC NFTs on DraftKings’ secondary market.

The next step in a years-long relationship between DraftKings and UFC

DraftKings and UFC currently have a five-year partnership, with a deal signed in March, that’s worth upwards of $100 million. Reignmakers UFC is the next step in that successful relationship.

“UFC has been a tremendous collaborator over the years,” said Beiriger. “And we are delighted for the organization to represent our latest installment within DraftKings’ burgeoning Reignmakers gamified digital collectibles franchise.”

UFC did, however, launch NFTs for MMA fans in their partnership with Dapper Labs back in February.

The future of DraftKings Reignmakers

With Reignmakers Football launching earlier this year and Reignmakers UFC set to launch in late 2022, the digital gaming franchise has seen a lot of success off the bat.

DraftKings is apparently actively in conversation with other pro sports leagues to continue developing Reignmakers. The company has said that minting a new set of digital collectibles each year is the plan.

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