Get Inside The Cage With PFL And Flagship’s Enhanced Viewability

Written By Veronica Sparks on May 19, 2022
A Better Fan Experience Brought To The Professional Fighters League

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced earlier this month that it has partnered with Flagship Solutions Group for 2022’s MMA Season.

Flagship Solutions is a business partner of IBM Gold. This means PFL will have access to IBM’s artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to enhance viewability in the cage and deliver better outcome predictions for fans.

“Flagship is honored to support PFL’s tremendous growth and success,” said Flaghship Solutions Group CEO, Mark Wyllie. “With technology solutions powered by Flagship’s cloud capabilities under our ‘We Run IT, You Use IT’ campaign.”

Better outcome predictions for fans means more precise odds and a better gambling experience for CT sports bettors too.

PFL most innovative and fastest growing sports league

The League has already achieved the number two spot among global MMA companies. 600 million fans view its fight coverage live in 160 countries globally.

Their talent roster simply teems with elite fighters, and 1 out of 4 fighters independently rank among the top 25 MMA fighters globally. Kayla Harrison and Ray Cooper III, 2021’s PFL champions, are ranked among them.

More than 25 blue-chip brands, or established and successful companies that are multinational, have sponsored PFL. Included among them are IBM, AnheuserBusch, DraftKings, and GEICO.

PFL’s success rings true to the fact that they are the first – and the only – MMA league that follows a true sportsseason format. Fighters from around the world compete in not only the regular season, but also playoffs and the championships.

Four of the highest pointsearning fighters in each division advance to the playoffs, where they win or go home. The PFL World Championship follows the playoffs, and is historically the biggest night in MMA.

Each champion gains a $1 million prize.

Combined technology delivers next generation fan experience

PFL is already an industry leader when it comes to technology that views and measures fighters’ performance to deliver Fighter Performance Ratings.

Its SmartCage technology shows fans what’s happening in the cage, and gathers performance insights in the form of Cageonomics data. This has enabled sports betting in real time, as well as a next-generation viewing experience.

The League’s existing technology is further enhancing through partnering with Flagship Solutions Group. It will give them the ability to use IBMs Watson machine learning and cloud technology.

“The Professional Fighters League is pioneering the future of MMA with proprietary technology that enables showcasing the sport like never before, and we’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Flagship Solutions Group and IBM for the 2022 season,” said Peter Murray, PFL’s CEO. “Integration of fighter data and fight analytics within our live broadcast and streaming events has created an immersive next-gen experience for MMA fans.”

Professional Fighters League regular season kicks off with a bang

The third event of the PFLs regular 2022 season took place on May 6.

Kayla Harrison, 2-time PFL World Champion, made her 2022 debut on this day. She lived up to her reputation as the greatest MMA fighter with a victory over Marina Mokhnatkina.

June 17 will see the next PFL event taking place. It will feature both Lightweights and Light Heavyweights fighting for the victory. Events are viewable on both ESPN and ESPN+.

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