MLB Betting Odds


With 162 games for every team from April-October, there’s no shortage of MLB odds to bet on. MLB odds are now easy to find and accessible in Connecticut, with online sportsbooks offering MLB game and prop odds nearly every day of the week for eight months (plus futures bets all year long). Here’s all you need to bet on MLB, including the latest MLB odds direct from legal online Connecticut sportsbooks.

Today’s best MLB odds

Check out the latest MLB betting odds below. Click on any baseball odds to go to that particular sportsbook, sign up, claim your bonus and start betting.

Best MLB betting sites in Connecticut

Legal sports betting in Connecticut officially went live in October 2021, with three sportsbooks launching in the state shortly after securing deals with local partners. All three books have dedicated baseball odds menus.

It’s true that the three have a lot in common when it comes to baseball betting, but there are some areas where each one stands out, too. Here’s our primer on the best MLB sportsbooks in Connecticut.

SugarHouse Sportsbook CT

PlaySugarHouse is the online betting platform of Rivers Casino, Philadelphia, formerly known as SugarHouse Casino. It also has a sister site called BetRivers.

Baseball betting at PlaySugarHouse largely follows the pattern of other sports: lots of markets to bet on — including a deep menu of props as well as the basics — although perhaps not the most exciting or modern software of the three books live in CT.

There are a couple of advantages to choosing the PlaySugarHouse app for MLB betting:

  • Great extra info and analysis along with its MLB betting lines. The MLB section has a tab that shows you the recent form of teams before their upcoming games. The PlaySugarHouse blog also has excellent articles and previews before big games or series.
  • Regular MLB promotions for existing members, normally in the form of enhanced odds. Check out this promo from the 2021 season, for instance:

sugarhouse mlb odds

The caveats here were that you could only use the offer twice per week (once on Wednesday and once on Friday), and you needed to choose a bet with minimum odds of -200. But other than that, you were free to claim your 20% boost on any MLB bet you wanted.

These kinds of edges on prices can make a lot of difference to your long-term margin.

DraftKings Sportsbook CT

DraftKings offers a modern and complete betting experience, and it’s definitely a good choice for MLB betting. For one thing, it regularly has the deepest range of betting options of any book in the US. This is especially true when it comes to player prop bets.

If your thing is betting on how individual players perform in an MLB game — whether that’s on hits, strikeouts, home runs, player vs. player matchups or another prop — DraftKings should be your go-to book.

DraftKings CT also has a great record of coming up with promotions and bonuses for new members to use on MLB bets. Here’s an example:

With this promo, DraftKings handed out four $25 free bets for new players who made their first bet on MLB.

FanDuel Sportsbook CT

FanDuel is right up there with DraftKings, both in terms of its MLB lines and the bonuses that it comes up with. Of all the books in Connecticut, FanDuel has our favorite software. Whether you’re using the sportsbook website or the app, it’s extremely easy to browse through the various MLB betting options, and to build parlays and place bets.

The FanDuel CT app does a great job of coming up with innovative props and promotions for specific events, like the World Series. Check out this promo from 2020:

We love this offer since it just keeps rolling over for the first 10 games of the season — and then you can still wind up winning on your futures bet by the time the World Series arrives. This is a perfect example of what FanDuel does well with its MLB promos: original, interesting and potentially valuable.

Best MLB odds boosts and promos

The MLB season is long, and sportsbooks know that the best way to keep the public engaged and interested is by sweetening the deals a little. Quite apart from specific baseball promos, every CT sportsbook also has generic welcome bonuses up for grabs when you sign up — normally either free bets or enhanced deposits — which you can then use to bet on MLB.

Here are some other baseball promos you can look out for:

  • Odds boosts: Books will choose certain MLB bets to qualify for special enhanced payouts. Sometimes (as in the case of the PlaySugarHouse example above), you can even choose which bets you want to boost.
  • Money-back specials: Sportsbooks sometimes give you some money back depending on a specific event happening in a game, like a particular player hitting a home run.
  • Special combination bets: For instance, bet on a team to win combined with a certain number of runs.
  • MLB parlay insurance: Claim some money back if one leg of your MLB parlay lets you down.

How to bet on MLB online in CT

Anyone over the age of 21 can legally place a bet, and getting set up with an account only takes a couple of minutes. All of the CT sportsbooks have their online sites where you can bet, but they also have apps you can download to keep your options open from wherever you are.

The first step is to sign up. You can do this online, including directly on the app if you choose to use that. No matter which book you wind up picking, the info you’ll need to provide is largely the same:

  • Name
  • Age and DOB
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Last four digits from your Social Security number
  • Confirmation that your data is accurate and you accept the terms and conditions

The sportsbook uses your personal details to verify your identity, which is a legal requirement in Connecticut. Remember that this is also your chance to unlock a welcome bonus, sometimes with a bonus code you type in during registration.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to deposit some money. CT sportsbooks accept a range of secure online payment methods, from credit cards to bank transfers.

Finally, after the admin is out of the way and you have money in your account, you can find the MLB section of the book. You can then start combing through those lines and find the best MLB bets.

MLB run line/moneyline/total

At every book, there are a handful of MLB bets that always attract the most action — namely run lines, moneylines and totals. Here’s an example of what they look like:

Let’s start with the moneyline, on the far right above.

A moneyline bet is simply a bet on which team will win the game. The favorite is the team with negative odds, which here is the New York Yankees. Odds of -157 mean that a bet of $157 would win a profit of $100 if correct. The Washington Nationals, meanwhile, are the underdogs. Odds of +138 mean a $100 bet would win a profit of $138 if correct.

A run line bet is similar to betting on the spread in other sports. Here, the run line is 1.5, which means for you to win a run line bet on the Yankees, they would need to win by two runs or more. For you to win a run line bet on the Nationals, however, they simply need to avoid losing by two runs — a one-run victory for the Yankees would still be enough to win.

In the center is the total line, which is set at 7.5. With this bet, you just need to predict whether the final combined score will be over or under 7.5 runs, regardless of which team wins.

First five innings

Just as it sounds, this type of bet is based on the first five innings of the game only. All you need to do is pick which team will be winning after five innings, with the rest of the game irrelevant to your bet.

In fact, the bet pays out as soon as five innings are complete. It’s a little like betting on the first half only in the NFL or NBA and is especially popular in MLB due to the average length of games.

The odds for first five-innings bets will look somewhat similar to the regular moneyline odds for the entire game, although there are some specific factors that impact them more.

Obviously, the starting pitcher matchup has a big impact on how the start of a game pans out. Similarly, relievers have little to no impact on this type of bet, while they are often very significant for moneyline bets. Analyzing how each side will line up and start the game is key to F5 bets.

MLB props and futures

Moneylines and run lines might be the most popular ways to bet on baseball, but in reality, they’re just the beginning. Click on any MLB game at a Connecticut sportsbook, and you’ll find hundreds of other bets, from props on how specific players perform to picking the exact correct score in the game.

MLB prop bets in particular are growing in popularity. A prop bet involves betting on incidents that happen within games or on certain parts of the game only, which may or may not have a material impact on the result.

There are team props, like which team will score first or last, the first team to five runs and much more. Player props focus on individual performances, like betting on a player’s hits, home runs or strikeouts. You can pit players’ stats against each other in head-to-head matchups, and you can place futures bets on season-long awards like the MVP and Cy Young.

Speaking of season-long bets, you’ll also find plenty of other futures at CT sportsbooks. A futures bet involves betting on an outcome a long way in advance — normally something like the winner of the World Series, division winners or simply teams to make the playoffs.

Futures bets normally have pretty good odds, since many things need to go your way over the course of a season for you to win. Here’s what a futures bet on the World Series might look like:

MLB wild cards, divisional playoffs and World Series betting

If you think there are lots of ways to bet on games throughout the MLB regular season, wait till we reach the postseason. Sportsbooks routinely ramp up their betting options and special offers for the most exciting time of the season.

As we’ve covered, you can bet on teams to win their divisions, make the playoffs or win the World Series at nearly any point throughout the year.

The postseason kicks off with the wild card games from each league. The top two teams who didn’t win their divisions face off in a single game, with the winners progressing to the Division Series with the six division champions.

The four winners of the best-of-five series progress to the League Championship Series, which are best-of-seven contests. Finally, the remaining two teams compete in the best-of-seven World Series.

Best-of-five and best-of-seven series introduce new ways to bet. For one thing, the range of prop bets on individual games is normally deeper than for an average MLB game. A lot more people are paying attention to the World Series than they would be for, say, some random game on a Tuesday in April, and the books make sure to give the public even more ways to bet.

You can bet on the individual games or bet on a postseason series as a whole, including forecasting the exact result. The format also opens up possibilities to hedge your bets. Say you’ve bet on the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series against the Atlanta Braves. If the Red Sox race to a 3-0 lead, you’ll get great odds on an insurance bet on Atlanta.

Look for promos for betting on the World Series, too. You’ll often find enhanced odds and special offers, like this promo from DraftKings:

MLB live betting

MLB games are among the longest of any of the most popular sports in the US, which means lots of time for live betting. The structure of baseball works well for live betting, too. Unlike something like the NFL or NHL, where the game could tilt drastically back and forth in rapid succession, MLB games are more predictably structured.

It means you can easily bet on different segments of the game, or on specific elements of how a team performs, like whether the next player up to the plate will get a hit. Baseball games consist of hundreds of little matchups, like between a pitcher and a hitter, and live betting odds let you bet on each one as it happens.

And of course, you can also place regular bets at updated odds, like the moneyline. For many people, the best way to bet on live games is using an app, since it means you can place bets anytime you want.

Best MLB bets for beginners

With so many ways to bet on every game and 162 games for every team in the regular season, it can be a little overwhelming for beginners. Below are some tips and specific bets for MLB newbies:

  • Check the lineups and bet on the first five innings. With F5 bets, there are considerably fewer variables than betting on an entire game, and analyzing the starting players can go a long way. If you have a high-quality starting pitcher and an average bullpen, chances are the game is going to be lower scoring at the start. The opposite is also true. Overall, F5 bets should be less volatile and easier for beginners.
  • Narrow down your props. There are loads of ways to bet on different players’ performances during any given MLB game. Trying to get to grips with all of them, and building up a deep knowledge of so many different players, is no easy task. Instead, it’s a good idea to focus on just one type of prop bet — take over/unders on hits, for example. Focus on hitting stats and the in-game matchups, and ignore props you haven’t properly studied. Just because you can bet on something doesn’t mean you should.
  • Check the weather before betting on totals. Weather is an extremely important factor in how a baseball game pans out. In fact, bad weather will often postpone MLB games, something that almost never happens in other top US sports. Wind is the most important variable, particularly the direction of the wind, followed by rain. Bad conditions and wind blowing into a hitter make home runs less likely, so you should think twice before betting the over.

MLB betting rules at sportsbooks

For the most part, the rules for MLB betting are pretty straightforward and similar to betting on any of the other top US sports. There are no restrictions with MLB bets, and CT sportsbooks all tend to have broadly similar betting options.

There are some instances where a sportsbook may void an MLB bet, in which case it will return your stake to you. For example, if a game ends early, the following two rules are standard:

  • Moneyline bets become official as soon as the game goes five innings. If it doesn’t reach five innings, the bet is void.
  • Totals bets become official when the game goes nine innings. If not, the bet is void.

You can always check out your sportsbook’s specific MLB rules, or hit up the customer support live chat if you have any specific doubts about your baseball bets.

Best all-time CT MLB players

Connecticut may not be home to an MLB team, but — nestled between New York and Massachusetts — it is very much in baseball country. The state has provided some good MLB players over the years, like the following:

Mo VaughnNorwalk, CT1BBoston Red Sox
Anaheim Angels
New York Mets
3x All-Star
1995 AL MVP
Dick McAuliffeHartford, CT2B, SS, 3BDetroit Tigers
Boston Red Sox
3x All-Star
1968 World Series champion
George SpringerNew Britain, CTRF, CFHouston Astros
Toronto Blue Jays
3x All-Star
2017 World Series champion
2017 World Series MVP
Charles NagyBridgeport, CTSPCleveland Indians
San Diego Padres
3x All-Star
A.J. PollockHebron, CTCFArizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers
2015 All-Star
2020 World Series champion