NFL Prop Odds

The same handful of NFL odds – moneylines, point spreads and over/unders – have traditionally been the most popular at most sportsbooks. But something big happened in the last decade.

In-depth statistical analysis, which used to be the preserve of professional scouting departments, is much more accessible to the general public. The explosion of DFS means NFL fans are naturally attuned to players’ unique talents and shortcomings. All of this has led to a massive influx of NFL prop betting opportunities.

Props are a godsend for hyper-analytical sports fans, but they’re also very fun and incredibly popular amongst casual fans. Here’s how to jump into NFL prop betting at legal Connecticut online sportsbooks.

Live NFL prop odds

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Best CT sportsbooks for NFL props

These days, all sportsbooks offer some range of NFL props and it’s true that there is plenty of overlap between the different Connecticut online sports betting sites. Still, there are some minor variations and different sites have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to NFL prop bets. Here’s our overview of what’s on offer in Connecticut.

DraftKings CT

DraftKings FoxwoodsBoth DraftKings and FanDuel have hundreds of props on every NFL game. However, when it comes to player props DraftKings just about shades it:

  • They generally seem to release their markets that little bit earlier than FanDuel, and there are a wider range of player stats covered.
  • Passing, rushing, receiving, scoring – all of these betting markets are par for the course. Other CT sportsbooks may have them too of course, but not with the same frequency of the DraftKings CT app.
  • DK also has a stats tab along with their games, which is a very useful resource to check while browsing the prop market.
  • Finally, DraftKings’ Same Game Parlay tool is a great way to build your own combos and incorporate props into parlays. The tool guides you through different team and player props which you can select and add to your betslip to create a parlay based around a single game. It’s practical, but also fun to use.

FanDuel CT

While DraftKings leads the way in player props, FanDuel arguably has the edge for team props.

  • The “Scoring” tab alone has literally hundreds of bets for every game, including ways to bet on just about every conceivable scoring pattern in the game.
  • FanDuel CT does a great job of creating combo prop bets and suggesting different ways to parlay props. Where DraftKings has built a DIY tool to create same game parlays, FanDuel comes up with ready-made suggestions. In truth, both formats are interesting and will likely appeal to certain players.
  • FanDuel also routinely offers NFL specials and odds boosts involving parlays. You can check out the Boost tab in the main menu to see if any NFL props made this list, which is updated more or less daily.

PlaySugarHouse CT

The PlaySugarHouse app is probably just behind DK and FD in terms of the sheer number of NFL props, but the sportsbook still has plenty on its books.

  • The platform has its own version of the same game parlay tab, which presents different potential prop markets very effectively using drop down menus.
  • There are also lots of game and player props on offer, including some more fun markets like Odds/Even point totals.
  • Where PlaySugarHouse really shines however is with the House Specials section. Both DraftKings and FanDuel have versions of this, but PlaySugarHouse’s is considerably deeper.

It typically has special boosted offers for 6 or more sports – which means it’s more likely you’ll find NFL odds offers, like the following example:

NFL Specials bets

NFL player props

Props can broadly be split into two categories:

  • Player props
  • Team props

The former is all about the performance of individual players. If you’ve ever played DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), or even old-school fantasy football, player props are easy to understand.

Think of any notable player stat in an NFL game: throwing yards for a quarterback, rushing yards for running backs, tackles for defensive players. These are all popular betting markets at Connecticut sportsbooks.

These stats are likely to affect how the game will pan out, but they don’t actually determine the result and the leader in any statistical category can easily end up on the losing side. In this way, betting player props for the NFL lets your betting strategy become more nuanced and granular.

Props are often structured similarly to Totals bets (where the book sets a line and you can bet on either side of it) or in a Yes/No format (like betting on whether there will be overtime).

Let’s check out a few examples of NFL player prop bets:

NFL player prop bets

Here you can see a prop bet on how many passing yards Pat Mahomes will throw for in an upcoming game. As you can see, the structure is similar to a traditional Over/Under, with the sportsbook setting a line they think will attract similar action on both sides of the bet. You just need to decide whether you think Mahomes will throw for more or fewer than 273.5 yards.

Below you can see a prop for receiving yards, which has a similar format:

NFL prop for receiving yards

You can find lots of markets like these two examples on regular NFL games, and even more when we get to the postseason.

Sportsbooks are also free to get creative with prop markets, which they frequently do. If some aspect of a player’s performance has been covered a lot in the media in the run up to a game, they may well create a betting market based around it.

For another example, check out this bet:

NFL player performance props

This is a combination prop, where the book is combining two different stats in a single bet. You can also find these kinds of bets for a single player, like the option to bet on a player rushing for 100 yards and scoring at least one touchdown.

Prop bets can also often be placed on specific segments of the game only, like quarters or halves. Below is a list of other popular player props:

  • Passing Yards
  • Passing Touchdowns
  • Completions
  • Rushing Yards
  • Rushing Touchdowns
  • Receptions
  • Receiving Yards
  • Anytime Touchdowns
  • First Touchdown
  • Last Touchdown
  • 2+ Touchdowns
  • Interceptions
  • Kicking Points
  • Field Goals
  • Tackles
  • Assists
  • Sacks

NFL team props

Team props are similar to player props, but as the name suggests they refer to the overall performance of the team rather than individual players. Lots of the player prop markets have team equivalents: team rushing yards, total yards, tackles etc.

Here is an example:

NFL team props

You can find prop markets on the exact score of the game, which tend to have excellent odds:

NFL exact score props

Betting on segments of the game, “Next” markets with live betting (ie, next team to score etc), and “First” and “Last” (as in, first touchdown) markets are all very popular with team props.

You can also bet on the first team to reach a certain number of points, as in this example:

NFL team props

There are also prop bets that don’t even involve picking a team, like betting on the margin of victory or, in this example, betting on which quarter will be the highest scoring:

NFL props for highest scoring quarter

In case you can’t already tell, there are A LOT of betting opportunities with team props. You can more or less chop up the game and its events, and bet on them however you want.

Some team props do fall more on the novelty side of things, while others represent serious opportunities to use your analysis to find an edge.

Here’s a longer list of team props:

  • Correct Score
  • 1st Drive Result
  • First Team to Score
  • Last Team to Score
  • Team To Score First And Win
  • Team To Score First And Lose
  • First Scoring Play in the Game (Touchdown, Field Goal etc)
  • Home Team First Scoring Play
  • Away Team First Scoring Play
  • First Team to 5/10/15/25 Points etc
  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Quarter Props
  • 1st / 2nd Half Props
  • Team Passing / Rushing / Receiving Yards etc
  • Team Tackles / Sacks / Completions / Field Goals etc
  • Winning Margin
  • Largest Lead
  • Odd / Even Score
  • Win With Shutout
  • Overtime

Offensive props vs defensive props

The great thing about betting props is that whichever part of the game you’re into, or wherever your expertise lies, you can find a way to bet on it. Everyone loves touchdowns and epic multi-yard passes, but for a certain kind of fan, nothing beats an impenetrable defensive performance.

Typically, you’ll find more prop markets on offensive actions – like TDs and running yards – but most sportsbooks have defensive props on the books too –  like tackles, sacks, and interceptions – for both players and teams.

A great way to use both offensive and defensive props is in combination with other bets, in the form of the same game parlay. For example, say two defensively minded teams are playing each other, and you’re thinking of betting the Under in a Totals bet.

A good option here could be to parlay it with a prop bet on a big tackling or intercepting performance or betting against the quarterback to make a lot of completions – since these outcomes would logically go hand in hand with a low scoring game.

Props are bets on individual incidents within games, but they are also related to how the game pans out in general.

There is a wealth of information out there that can guide you on how to bet on both offensive and defensive props. In-depth stats on every single player that gets NFL game time have never been more widely available, and these can guide your props.

Special teams props

Props on NFL special teams are less popular than either offensive or defensive props, you can still find them at lots of sportsbooks. You can bet on which team will have the most field goals or punts, or Totals markets on punts and field goals in the game.

Historically, people pay less attention to special teams in NFL compared with the rest of the game, and less sharp money theoretically means more valuable betting opportunities.

If you want to bet on things like field goals, it pays not only to look at the kicker’s stats but also factors like weather. Good luck finding the posts in freezing 30 mph wind.

Off-field & Super Bowl props

There are lots of prop bets out there that reward bettors who are prepared to put in the hard yards studying the stats, but that’s not the full story with props. There are also bets that are basically novelty markets, where you can bet on fun things that surround the game and oftentimes have no impact on the result whatsoever.

These are especially prevalent in the run up to the Super Bowl, where sportsbooks are looking to capitalize on the hype and the public’s willingness to have some fun with their bets.

You will find lots of markets on the halftime show for example, including what songs will be performed, what special guests will appear, features of the performance, and more. There is a bet on the coin toss and the color of the Gatorade bath for the winning coach. You can even bet on which commercials will appear, and who will get referenced in the MVP speech.

Sportsbooks love to get creative with exotic props, and the Super Bowl is their perfect opportunity.

NFL draft props

The Draft is another huge event in the NFL, which means sportsbooks will let you bet on it.

The number one pick is always a popular market, but it’s far from the only way to bet the draft. There are similar bets for other positions, like the first Running Back or Wide Receiver drafted, as well as markets on how the players from the Pac-12 compare with the Southeastern Conference or even bets on the success of individual colleges.

There are also more light hearted options – who the number one pick will hug first, players putting on the wrong hats, and more.

Like the Super Bowl, the Draft is another chance for books to have a little fun. You can even find exclusive offers and promotions based around betting on the draft, like this one from FanDuel:

NFL draft props