Record-Breaking 2020-21 Leads To $418 Million Into General Fund From CT Lottery

Written By Justin Russo on July 14, 2021
Connecticut Lottery 418 Million Dollar Return

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation announced earlier this month that it returned $418 million to the Connecticut General Fund in the 2021 fiscal year, which marked earnings from July 2020 through June 2021.

That total represents the best results since the lottery began in 1972.

The top-ranking return also coincided with a new total sales record. Sales reached $1.5 billion in 2021, up 15% from fiscal year 2020.

Who received the CT Lottery return?

The CT Lottery directs sales money to three different groups: players, retailers and the Connecticut General Fund.

In fiscal year 2021, the players won $925 million, representing the largest earnings among the three groups listed above. The General Fund took its $418 million, and then came the retailers, who received $83 million in commissions.

The Connecticut General Fund can be broken down further, as money here is distributed to several areas.

One is responsible gambling. The CT Lottery provided money to different groups and partners year-round to help promote responsible gambling in Connecticut. It also gave $2.3 million to the Chronic Gamblers Treatment and Rehabilitation fund operated by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Most of the money, though, is directed toward broader issues that can benefit everyone statewide.

In fiscal year 2020, for instance, the CT Lottery returned $348 million to the General Fund. From this, 30% went to health and human services, and 24% went to education. Smaller percentages went to things such as employee benefits, transportation as well as judicial and corrections costs.

CT Lottery president pleased with return

Greg Smith, president of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, was grateful to all those who made 2021’s record-breaking numbers possible.

“We are very proud of these results, especially in light of the many adjustments that we encountered during the year. Our dedicated staff members remained focused on keeping up with this incredible growth. And our retailers were equally dedicated in operating each day. We are very thankful for their efforts.”

Obviously the CT Lottery is quite happy with the results of its work over the past fiscal year. But it still has some business to take care of this summer. The lottery will soon not only be responsible for its traditional games but also for sports betting.

CT Lottery yet to announce sportsbook partner

Earlier this year, Connecticut legalized sports betting. Legislation created three licenses to operate betting apps in CT, including one for the lottery.

The CT Lottery heard presentations from five operators in June, and an announcement was expected later that month as to which operator was chosen. That was pushed back to July 6, however. Now, it seems the lottery has chosen its partner, but the announcement won’t come for a few weeks.

The lottery indicates its sports betting operation will launch in “Fall 2021,” giving prospective players a vague indication of when to expect to use their service.

Though most players are likely hoping the service goes live before the NFL season begins on Sept. 9, only time will tell.

Regardless of when the CT Lottery’s sports betting operation goes live, between the lottery and sports betting one thing is for sure: Connecticut’s gambling industry is booming.

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